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Frisians love tradition, especially if accompanied with cosiness. Throughout the year there is a wide choice of events in Friesland, the most famous of course the SKS Skûtsjesilen.

Sporting events

SKS Skûtsjesilen
Traditionally fight the 14 SKS Skûtsjes 2 weeks for the honor. The skippers competing meet every day at a different race water. The start of the skûtsjesilen in Grou, where on Friday the draw of the first 3 races take place. The next day, the show airs on the Pikmeer and Ee.


The main handball match of the year on the Sjûkelân Franeker held. The chance of an unforgettable, typical Frisian sports to do. Do you understand the rules of not bounce? There is also plenty to see and do in Franeker before and after the game.

Since 1934, one of the biggest sailing events in Europe in Friesland organized the Sneekweek. This 6-day sailing event annually attracts nearly 1,000 boats from home and abroad to the Sneekermeer. Both on the home island and in the center you can enjoy sports, socializing and live music.

Balloon Festivals

Every evening, visitors to the balloon festivals in Joure treated to a wonderful show of balloons. Especially the special shapes create a spectacle. You can view this event from the stands, but you can also put it in one of the balloons.

Cultural events:

Fries street festival

Late May in Leeuwarden theater and music spectacle instead. Hundreds of performances at various venues in downtown entertain thousands of visitors. Do not miss this spectacle.

St. Piter entry
The Sinterklaas goes for years Grou over. On 21 February is here en St. Piter Feast celebrated. The procession takes place at Hotel Oostergoo.

Fishing days
End of August Harlingen - Friesland's only seaport city-four days packed with music, singing, dancing, sporting events, art, folklore and much, much more. All this against a backdrop of over five hundred monuments and modern fishing and trading port.

Local Events:

Besides the many events that provincial and national attention, there are several local as grafts to visit. As found in various villages called Iepenlofspullen place, which are frieze-speaking theater and musical performances in the open air. Also know many villages a traditional village festival, the Merke. Often performances by famous artists instead. The summer months are ideal for markets, fairs and musical performances in the open air.