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The rich history of Friesland is reflected in the many sights. But it is not only the history that is so fascinating. What about the modern museum Belvédère in Oranjewoud, a trip by whispering through the nature Alde Feanen or visit the mundane Beetsterzwaag? We can make a few suggestions:

11 Frisian cities
City of Leeuwarden to fortified town Locks: the 11-cities are unique. Here you will find traces of the rich trading history of Friesland and former marine. Each with its own identity, they are all worth a visit. The 11-City Tour now has several variants on skates, by bike, by car, scooter, boat ....

Typically Frisian
Unspoiled nature, forests and lakes, the 11 cities, their own language and flag tradition in sports, tranquility, space and culinary specialties. Just a few of the characteristics of Friesland. Books have been written about, decorated with museums and films made. The real Fryslan discover it yourself. By bike, by boat, on foot or by car. Click here for more information.

They are actually too many to mention the, the Frisian museums. Whether you're into Frisian history or modern art, there is something for everyone. For example:
Jopie Huisman Museum: The Jopie Huisman Museum is dedicated to the work and life of the Frisian self-taught master painter Jopie Huisman. His paintings, whether it's the stuff or the people themselves, are an homage to the simple Frisian peasant life, the landscape and the culture. These portraits are statues for simplicity.

Fries Museum: The collection of the Fries Museum is a unique collection of objects that tell the story of Friesland. The museum provides an insight into the Frisian art, culture and history through the ages.
Museum Belvédère: In the picturesque Oranjewoud, close Oranjewoud estate, situated Belvédère Museum: the museum of modern and contemporary art in Friesland. The museum displays works by artists from the Northern region located outside the major art circuits able to place.
Skûtsje Museum: The life and work aboard a skûtsje 1900 was hard. Skûtsje Museum Stripe shows how a skipper are looked then. There is also much to see on the contemporary IFKS skûtsjesilen.

The Wadden Islands are closer than you think. A day Ameland is a pleasant change from Grou. Hang out on the beach and in the evening back 'home' at Oostergoo.

Who to Friesland and you think of watersports. Vast lakes, but also tranquil nature and narrow Vaartjes. Friesland also discovered from the water, a boat rental for example. In a canoe, a whisper, a motor launch, a sailboat. But you can also step aboard one of the many tour boats.

Of course there is plenty of water in Friesland. But the forests of the Frisian Forests and Gaasterland are worth a visit. Not for nothing are they declared a National Landscape. Also around the mundane Beetsterzwaag you extensive hiking and biking in a wooded area.

Atelier Fransje Versloot
The workshop Fringes Versloot is located in the former Douwe Egberts Factory to Slachtedijk 9 to Joure. Besides the former canteen where they paint themselves, workshops and lessons, there are very special exclusive automobiles displayed. Certainly by this combination are the best family outings, business dinners and other arrangements to organize. The factory is situated on the water, so the combination of a painting workshop and a trip on one of the Frisian lakes is unique.