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It is now almost impossible to imagine, the manager of the first inn to Nieuwe Kade, then "Water and Veldzigt" was also a shoemaker. It was Jan Sjoerd van Stralen who in 1858 opened the doors of the inn. Ten mediated people from Grou were responsible for land acquisition and construction.

The painting (right) of Bauke Anne de Jong from 1850 gives an impression of the Nieuwe Kade area for the construction of the hotel. To the right of the mill stands the building which now houses Cafe d' Oude Oost is located. In addition, in 1858 the inn "Water and Veldzigt" built, the hotel later Oostergoo.

Over 27 years, the family van Stralen held sway until in 1885 a public sale of the Logement final goodbye. The new owner was Feike Dokter, waiter and shoemaker at Grou. The unique location on the water gave a magnificent view of the regatta which was still in the Grou were held.

How and when the name Oostergoo exactly occurred is not known. Probably the hotel owes its name to the "Royal Yacht Club Oostergoo". From 1869 the association held regularly sail gave up competing in the Grou". The book "Frisia and the Frisians" in 1877 called on p.120-121 very name Oostergoo: "... and our boot is mooring at Herberg Oostergoo".

Since 1999 Hotel Restaurant Oostergoo owned by Marcel and Annemarie Oost.